Systemisation (Auto-pilot)


The goal of every business owner and CEO is to “auto-pilot” the business. Stability, predictability and forecasting are three key benefits of systemising. Any CEO or business owner with an exit strategy in mind, will want to systemise the business to increase the ability to sell the business and achieve maximum capital value at sale.

Here is a typical process that takes about 12 weeks (3 months) to complete.

  1. Confidential Business Analysis (CBA)
  2. Review of core workflows – analysis of effectiveness/efficiency
  3. Operations Workflow Workshop
  4. Sales, Data/CRM, Fulfilment Workshop
  5. Supplier, Stock/Services Workshop
  6. HR, Finance, Training, Other Workshop
  7. Plans, Policies and Procedures Document
  8. Employee Handbook and Departmental Manuals
  9. Lock down workshop
  10. Systemisation Action Plan

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