Customer Care Feedback

“Discover What Your Customers REALLY Feel About Your Service…

…With Our Pilot ‘Test’ Customer Feedback Offer!”

Show your customers you care by letting us phone them for you! 

  • Are you getting filtered or distorted customer service feedback from your own staff and sales people?
  • Would you like happy customer testimonials, case studies and sales content for your online marketing and sales’ kit?
  • Do you want to know exactly how powerful customer feedback (done professionally) can be for your business and bottom line profits?
  • Do you know which fixes are needed to correct problems causing your customers to leave you, to do business with your competitors?

Maybe it’s time you discover what your customers ACTUALLY think about doing business with you.

Give it a try…

You can try our Customer Care Programme to get an idea of how we work and especially to gain valuable customer feedback. For a limited initial investment we guarantee you’ll find those hidden insights into your business which enable you to deliver an enhanced customer service experience, leading to improved sales and customer retention. As a “pilot” or “test”, we will engage with 10 of your selected customers to measure, evaluate and monitor customer service levels.

Our Customer Care Program (CCP) uses extensive business expertise to check your customer service levels and helps you reap the benefits of increased customer loyalty. It provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your customer service staff is performing as they should and ultimately help you fully leverage the value of your customer base.

Free Introductory Meeting And Customer Care Feedback Assessment At Your Office

What’s in it for your business?

As a result of the pilot “test” of the Customer Care Feedback, you get…

  • Up to 5 customer testimonials which you can use immediately in sales presentations, sales tools and online (social media, website, blogs) depending on the feedback
  • A powerful customer case study to help convince your prospects how great you are – this is a sure way to increase sales conversions
  • Referrals from happy customers to add to your sales and customer base
  • Find and address the real issues hampering your sales and the actual customer related “ceiling” on your revenue growth
  • Corrective measures and recommendations based on customer issues and complaints from “Unhappy” and “Happy” customers, you can apply quickly and easily

Our Customer Care Programme benefits you:

  • Client retention to maximising sales to your existing clients
  • Accurate information to help in decision making
  • Fast, reliable and factual information
  • Objective and unbiased assessment of business strengths and weaknesses

Free meeting

In order to address your Customer Care Feedback needs we would like to meet with you in person to discuss how working with us can benefit you quickly.

The process begins when a business marketing consultant is sent to meet with you during which you will go through a structured needs analysis (Business Review). Here are a few outline steps if you agree to the pilot “test”:

  • Initial scoping interviews with you and staff – information gathering
  • Preparation of customer feedback questionnaire
  • Assistance to select the most appropriate 10 customers for us to phone
  • Up to 5 fully written and signed-off customer testimonials
  • One 2-page Case Study with presentable graphics and content
  • Recommended actions to rectify any uncovered issues
  • No obligation to continue with us
  • If you are happy with the way we work, then you can select one of our monthly feedback agreements – this means you can opt in to any one of our packages to ensure continued customer feedback.

To get started with your pilot Customer Care Feedback “test”

Contact us on:

  • United Kingdom: +44 20 7097 1869
  • South Africa:  +27 10 215 0119  or  +27 82 780 4088